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We operate differently

We believe in a new way of doing things, in collaborative environments in which knowledge exchange will enrich the final outcome. This is how The Consulting Machine works. A consultancy system with perfectly interlocked components, driven by transparency, professionalism and cutting-edge innovation.


We know which companies are unique and innovative. We add them to our ecosystem so that – with their vision – we create solutions that really work.


We believe it is essential to sit down with you and talk, compare and analyse. Understanding you is essential so that together we can identify your company’s needs and challenges.


We will tell you honestly which of the proposed solutions we believe is the best, as well as the most appropriate team members to solve your business challenges.


From our ecosystem of companies and experts, we pick the very best match to handle each challenge, creating an ad-hoc team for the project.


We support the management of every project team. Based on our experience and knowledge, we lead the project, providing value to each and every area.


Our mission is to find solutions that meet your expectations and are different from the usual ones, adding them to our know-how for future projects.

The reason
of Connecting

Sofía’s obsession has always been reinventing Consultancy. As a pioneer in Spain in the customer experience practice, her dream was to contribute to the sector transparency and innovation improvement.

Gonzaga also started in business consulting, but in 2009, fascinated by the entrepreneurial culture and technological development of Israel, he decided to launch a start-up to attract to Spain the most cutting-edge technologies from Israel.

Long-time friends, the idea arose while having a coffee: And what if we started up a consultancy without internal resources? One that could select specialised companies to create an ecosystem of talent and technology, in order to provide solutions to companies’ challenges?

We would be more objective giving recommendations
and more innovative providing solutions.

Thinking Machine
Sofia Medem
Thinking Machine
Tech Machine
Gonzaga Avello
Tech Machine
Global Machine
Anders Hallmén
Retail and Global Machine
Alicia del Villar
Marketing Machine
Digital Transformation
Juan Pedro Agustín
Digital Transformation Machine
José Usandizaga
Consumer Product Machine
Global Machine
Anders Hallmén
Human Resource and Organization Machine
Business Excellence
Mercedes Hernández
Business Excellence Machine
Customer Experience
Paula Toural
Digital Transformation Machine
Jorge Bosch
Project Manager Machine
Talent Machine
Ana Marcelino
Talent Machine
Adriana Espinosa
Project Machine
Discovery Machine
Carlos Tutusaus
Discovery Machine
Discovery Machine
Francisco Javier Cortés
Discovery Machine

We are looking for passionate, curious and non-conformist people.

People convinced that there is an alternative to what is conventional and willing to find solutions to new market challenges.

If you think you could become part of The Machine, please send us your CV.

Many have already experienced
our savoir-faire


Conmecting visions has allowed us to work on this digital project with the best specialists in the market and everything under their fantastic coordination. The approach they have given to the project has been based on putting the employee at the center and always under the premise of providing maximum value

Corporate Culture Manager, at Repsol.
Mercedes Gómez - Badiola

You have the reassurance that if you have a problem they will solve it in the most efficient and proffesional way.

Head of Customer Management, at ASISA
Sara Amores

Thanks to Connecting Visions, I have been able to participate in very interesting and diverse projects. I really appreciate choosing my projects, my dedication and having a very serious team to support me at all times.

Teresa García-Badell

They open the door to new clients with new and very difficult challenges.

Business development, at Análisis e Investigación
Carlos Santos