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Our innovative approach to consulting is based on a collaborative ecosystem with specialised suppliers. By becoming part of it, you will maximise your commercial activities and attract new clients.

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Register on our system.

Join our platform of collaborators, letting us know your areas of expertise.


We will send you challenges.

We ensure our collaborators that they will be receiving our clients’ challenges, letting us know if they feel that they can add value and have the appropriate skills to solve them.


We support you in the tender phase.

To maximize our commercial options, with our knowledge of the client and its challenges we help you define and set out suitable and innovative solutions.


Project execution.

If necessary, we will work jointly with you to implement the proposed solutions.

Your business will run better
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Maximise your commercial effectiveness

By becoming part of our machine, you will join a new channel for acquiring clients, completely compatible with your commercial activity.

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Win qualified projects

We firstly filter all projects, and try to advice you on your potential success options so you can decide how much time and effort you want to spend in it.

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Complement your capabilities

By combining your skills and strengths with the ones of the other members of the ecosystem, you are able to increase your responsiveness and the chances for successfully solving client’s needs.

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Improve your market positioning

You will get to contact new clients and collaborators, increasing your brand awareness and improving your business’ positioning.

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Feedback improves the system

If, in the end, we are not awarded the project, we will clearly let you know the reasons why you may have lost it. This way you can improve your offering.

We start moving whenever you need us

The project implementation is all yours, but if we can provide added value we will work by your side during the process.

A transparent dynamic

We will keep you updated during the whole process being completely transparent in pricing schemes. We value both, commercial contribution and project management.

We guarantee the quality of our system

Once the project is completed, we share with you the client’s feedback so that you can gain experience and improve your service or offering

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Conmecting visions has allowed us to work on this digital project with the best specialists in the market and everything under their fantastic coordination. The approach they have given to the project has been based on putting the employee at the center and always under the premise of providing maximum value

Corporate Culture Manager, at Repsol.
Mercedes Gómez - Badiola

You have the reassurance that if you have a problem they will solve it in the most efficient and proffesional way.

Head of Customer Management, at ASISA
Sara Amores

Thanks to Connecting Visions, I have been able to participate in very interesting and diverse projects. I really appreciate choosing my projects, my dedication and having a very serious team to support me at all times.

Teresa García-Badell
Carlos Santos

They open the door to new clients with new and very difficult challenges.

Business development, at Análisis e Investigación
Carlos Santos